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Adam Hughes | Preacher | Professor | Speaker

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"5 Preaching Mistakes that Cause You to Lose Members"

In this guide you'll learn about the top five mistakes pastors make that cause them to unnecessarily lose  members. The rough part is, with a little bit of forthought, all of these are avoidable.

God has put you in this place for a reason.

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My name is Adam

I do a few things–I’m a preacher, professor, dean of chapel at NOBTS, and director of the Adrian Rogers center at NOBTS. But what it all has in common is preaching. This is my passion. And if preaching is your passion, too, then I want to help you do it even better.


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3 Reasons Why I am Committed to Expository Preaching

In this article, I explain three reasons why I am so convinced and convicted about my commitment to text-driven expository preaching. My prayer is that my thoughts and contemplations here will help you in preaching commitments and pastoral calling.

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3 Tips for Preaching Biblical Narrative

Preaching narratives well can be one of the greatest challenges of being a pastor. Yet, if you are a preacher, and certainly an expositor, and you cannot avoid preaching narratives because over 70 percent of the Bible contains some element of this genre. Therefore, in this post I offer three tips to help you get started preaching biblical narratives.

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Five Suggestions for Preaching on the Clock

Everyone is going to find himself at one time or another in a situation that requires conciseness and time management in the pulpit. I call this “preaching on the clock,” and it can be challenging. Therefore, in this article I share five suggestions that I employ when it is absolutely necessary to cut down the length of my sermon in an “on the clock” situation.

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5 Personal Truths I Am Learning This Summer

Life progressively gets more not less busy. And successfully navigating the different responsibility of life takes intentionally. So, in this article I briefly share with you five life lessons I am currently learning, some of which I feel like I am discovering the hard way.

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5 Reasons Why Theological Training for Indigenous Pastors is Vital

I recently took a 10-day trip to South Asia. This post is a reflection, of sorts, of my trip but with a specific aim or goal. I believe it is imperative for every pastor and minister in the church to receive theological training. And this certainly includes those in foreign contexts. Here I offer you five reasons why from my most recent personal experiences.

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Why the Nature of the Church Matters for Preaching

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote on why sufficiency matters in preaching. The composition of that blog examined how an element of theology relates to the act or role of preaching. In other words, it’s focus was the “why” rather than the “how” of preaching. Really, any...

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Why Sufficiency Matters In Preaching

In one of my older entries, I wrote briefly on three doctrines, including sufficiency, that are essential for expository preaching. In my post this week, I examine in more detail why sufficiency specifically matters for preaching.

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5 Suggestions to Strengthen Your Summer Preaching Schedule

Summer usually is an unusual ministry season in the local church. Planning can seem almost impossible with every area in church life and on a pastor’s calendar. This is uniquely true concerning the preaching calendar. Although not perfect fixes, I have discovered a few suggestions that have helped me plan for and make it through my summer messages. In this post, I offer five suggestions.

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