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About | Adam Hughes

My name is Adam

Before becoming the dean of chapel and director of the Adrian Rogers center at NOBTS, I was a pastor. I’ve had the privaledge of pastoring 6 churches, and today, in addition to being a professor, you’ll find me filling in behind the pulpit of a variety of churches.

I’m from Arkansas. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from the University of Arkansas, I moved to Texas to puruse an M.Div and Ph.D. from Southwestern Baptist Theolgoical Seminary. Today I live in New Orleans with my wife and four kids.

Being a pastor is a difficult job. And preaching is a difficult task. But this is the one God has called us to. And so it is my mission to help you the best I can in this great endeavor.

My Current Work

Adrian Rogers Center

Through our partnership with Love Worth Finding, we have exclusive Adrian Rogers resources to help you in your preaching ministry.


I teach regularly at NOBTS on preaching. If you sense God calling you to seminary–or to come back to deepen your education–I’d love to talk more with you.


Most Sundays you’ll find me behind the pulpit. Sometimes it’s to fill in. Other times I’m helping as an interim. If you’d like to talk with me about a date, I’d love to hear from you.

New Resources

My mission is to help you be better equipped to preach God’s Word. I write regular articles about this, which you’ll begin to get as soon as you subscribe.

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