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"5 Preaching Mistakes that Cause You to Lose Members"

In this guide you'll learn about the top five mistakes pastors make that cause them to unnecessarily lose  members. The rough part is, with a little bit of forthought, all of these are avoidable.

God has put you in this place for a reason.

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My name is Adam

I do a few things–I’m a preacher, professor, dean of chapel at NOBTS, and director of the Adrian Rogers center at NOBTS. But what it all has in common is preaching. This is my passion. And if preaching is your passion, too, then I want to help you do it even better.


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5 Principles to Remember if the Leadership of the Church Does Not Accept You as Pastor

Even if the congregation overwhelming affirms your call to be their pastor, integrating as a new leader into an existing staff and lay leadership can be challenging. More than likely, they previously were the work force for a different leader. However, I do believe you can survive the transition. In this article, I list five truths to remember that can guide you through this process.

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5 Simple Delivery Mistakes that May Prevent You From Being Heard

There are repeating habits that preachers fall into all the time — small and simple things that individually seem insignificant — that can be major barriers to a sermon being heard, thus understood. The irony is, with some simple knowledge, attention, and foresight, they are all easily fixable. Therefore in this article, I list and describe five simple delivery mistakes that may be preventing you from being heard.

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5 Ways to Create Fresh Applications That Connect with Your People

Until we have applied God’s Word, explained that it is authoritative for everyone, and called people to respond to it, we really have not preached. So, application in preaching is vital. Therefore in this post, I list five ways that I approach creating fresh illustrations in my sermon preparation process that connect with the congregation.

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My Top 5 Goals For Every Sermon I Preach

There are several general goals that pastors should strive to accomplish in every message. In this post, I list the top five that I take in consideration when preparing and delivering sermons.

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The Top 3 Considerations I Make as I Prepare to Preach through a Book of the Bible

Can pericope-by-pericope systematic expository preaching be accepted by and beneficial to every congregation? Yes! However, if your church has never experienced this type of preaching, you may need to warm them up to a regular diet of this approach to the pulpit. In this post, I offer the top three consideration I make as I prepare to preach through a book of the Bible that can help you do just that.

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